Hi! i'm a multidisciplinary designer born and raised in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil who designs and conceptualises for both cultural and commercial fields.  Fond of logotypes, typography, music, animation I always thought about telling stories and ideas with  drawings so I became a designer for branding and illustration projects.
What I do:   Graphic design - Brand Communication - Visual Identity systems -  Printed Materials  -  illustration 
Worked with:  Bendito Design, Cogumelo Gestão Criativa, Mobe Design, Zorzo Design Estratégico, DF2 Design ForFun. 
I love the fun but sophisticated design.
Feel free to get in touch!  btubelo@gmail.com
Collectives: She has been part of the Latin american Illustracíon 4 CHOSEN Winner - LAI4 (AI-AP) 2015. 
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